Supporters and Sponsors

Please consider sponsoring this event to help us continue the important outreach and education surrounding 1619. The net proceeds from this event will be donated to fund the Burlington Cultural Empowerment Center.  The Racial Justice Alliance recently announced the vision for the Cultural Empowerment Center in their Operation Phoenix R.I.S.E. platform. “Located central to those it serves, the Cultural Empowerment Center will serve as a bastion of hope, purpose and vision for the disempowered community.” 

Sponsors are invited to join us at the commemoration (socially safe). Depending on the level at which you sponsor, (in addition to naming you as a sponsor) we’ll waive your organizational banner, reserve you some seats, give you a special mention or invite you to join us on our strategic 2022 advisory planning committee. Choose the level of Sponsorship.

Organizational Sponsorship

Bronze (5K)

Org Name

Silver (10K)

Org Name
Event Banner
2 Seats Reserved

Gold (20K)

Org Name
Event Banner
2 Seats Reserved
Advisory Panel



Please make checks payable to:
Vermont Racial Justice Alliance
70 S. Winooski Ave. Unit 204
Burlington, VT 05401


Would You Like to Support at an Individual Level?

You can securely provide a gift to be a part of this much needed work in Vermont. Thank You!

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